Choosing a New Garage Door

It can be very difficult to find the right garage door for your home because it could be years before you finally have to get a replacement on your door, as repairs can do the most of the work, most of the time. Since this is such an infrequent purchase, what do you do? what factors should you consider? To help ease your worry, we’ve broken down the entire process below. These are a few things to consider when looking for your next garage door.


There are tons of garage doors options available that offer different designs, insulation, color, size, etc. The classic steel garage doors are durable and perfect if you’re looking for at least a decade of use. These steel doors offer many window options, which can allow you to create a look that perfectly compliments the aesthetics of your home.

The steel cage doors are swinging stable doors that are durable and also great for long term use. Although these doors have swing open capability, they can also be opened like a typical garage door. With some decorative hardware and windows, this style adds a nice touch to any garage.

looking for something contemporary? Aluminum garage doors are a great choice. These garage doors come with a full-glass view, giving your house a dramatic statement.

Color choice also matters a lot. These steel and aluminum garages are available in a variety of colors, that can perfectly match your shutters, or that can be painted. When shopping for a garage door, consider the design and architecture of the rest of your house, and then select one that fits best.


Due to the high cost of energy, insulation is considered a viable option for your garage doors just as it is for the rest of the home. As consumers become more knowledgable and aware of energy conservation, more are beginning to use insulated doors for their garages. Insulated garages are also becoming popular for those people who are using their garages as social gathering spots or offices. However, it’s more than just getting an insulated door to lower your energy bills, it’s about caring for the environment and the future.

If you are been planning on getting an insulated garage door, it’s important to know its R-value. A higher R-value means better insulation, as well as less noise penetration when you operate the door.

Most insulated doors are built with polyurethane or polystyrene foam for the insulation purposes so it makes the door thicker. Don’t be fooled by the door’s thickness, because many doors that will be very thick, but have a very low R-value. The thickness on the door due to the polystyrene foam is of no real use, so beware of that too.

Many polyurethane doors may look thinner but they can actually provide optimum insulation and a much higher R-value. Also, polyurethane expands during the manufacturing process, perfectly fitting between the two steel panels. This provides your door with better insulation and also acts as a barrier against noise.


Safety is another important factor that you have to take into consideration. Don’t let the single largest object at your home be a source of inconvenience for your family.

Your garage door should be safe to use with all the necessary features. For example, you can have pinch resistance that pushes the fingers away, if they are accidentally placed near the closing of a door. Polyurethane provides better fire safety. Another safety feature is the tamper-resistant bottom brackets that will protect you against injury from your garage door when it’s under tension.


Garage doors that are made out of aluminum and glass provide a premium and modern look. You can choose from tons of different varieties of textures and designs and colors of aluminum. The glass used in the windows can be clear, tinted or obscure. If you want to have a relatively no-maintenance garage door, aluminum is the right material. However, these doors don’t offer great insulation, so they might not be suitable for areas with extreme weather conditions.

Before deciding on the material of the garage door, there are certain questions that you have to ask.
A. How long do you want your door to last?
B. What kind of stress will it endure?
C. How much annual maintenance are you willing to put into it.

If you want minimal maintenance and durability of your garage door, we recommend the steel garage doors. If you want even more life out of your door, consider the vinyl garage doors, especially if the door is going to endure harsh weather conditions. Vinyl doors are also a lot more resistant to dust, dent and are entirely rust-free.

If you’d like to have the classic wood touch for your garage door, try the fiberglass models that look just like real wood doors. If you’d prefer the real wood to the synthetic option, be aware that they require regular painting and maintenance. However, they surely add to the aesthetics of your home.


Look for the warranty on your garage door very carefully, as most manufacturers don’t provide any more than a one year warranty. Should you have any issue with your door, give Admiral Garage Door’s experts a call and we will get the repairs done on your door at the most competitive rates.


Generally, real wood doors are the most expensive, followed by fiberglass, aluminum, steel doors with no insulation, lower grade wood doors, and single sheet steel doors.

Do you have additional questions? Give us a call and our knowledgable technicians will be able to assist you.

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