Garage Door Care and Maintenance

Your garage door is the largest entrance door on your home, and You will likely use the garage door multiple times each day in all seasons. Since the garage door has moving parts, you will likely need service and/or repair at some point during the door’s lifetime. In order to keep your garage door in good working condition for a long time and stave off the need for preventable repair, there are some garage door services that you can perform yourself at home.

The first practice is to pay close attention to is the way your garage door functions every time you use it. Does it open and close smoothly? Does it open softly, or does it make any noises when opening? Do all components of the system look symmetrical? Are any pieces missing?

Even if your door opens smoothly and doesn’t make any grinding or scraping noises, it’s always a good idea to check the hardware of the door. You can do a quick garage door repair by tightening any bolts or roller brackets that may have come loose.

Another easy at home garage door services you can perform is to make sure all of the moving parts of your door are well lubricated. Doing so can help you avoid an unnecessary garage door repair and keep your door functioning well for years to come. You can use white lithium grease on the screw or chain of the door opener, and purchase a spray lubricant from a garage door specialist to lubricate the springs. This process only takes about ten minutes once a year!

Garage doors generally have a basic safety feature that causes them to auto-reverse when an object or person is beneath the closing door. This is a feature that you should check regularly as it directly impacts the safety of those who use the door. To do so, place a wood block or similar object beneath the door and close it. When the door comes down and touches the object, it should automatically reverse. If this mechanism does not work, or if your garage is older than twenty years and does not have this safety feature, you should contact your garage specialist for a garage door repair or replacement.

Finally, ensure that the garage door tracks are free from debris and other objects that could break or damage the door. You can use a level to check the tracks’ plumb, but any inconsistencies or damages should be addressed by a professional.

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