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Kings Garage Doors is the leading garage door company in Pennsylvania. We’re the team local property owners and businesses call when they need any residential or commercial garage door repair. We also offer amazing custom installation services at great prices to make your home or business safe, look great, and deliver the performance you deserve. At Kings Garage Doors, we’re committed to providing the best customer experience anywhere with premium materials and the most experienced garage door technicians in the state. As a local company, we can get to you quickly to fix any problem or talk to you about new installation options. Get more out of your garage and save money by calling us today. We’re ready to make the most out of your garage and get more years of dependable performance. Our customers know that they can count on us for fast service and quality results.

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Quality in Everything We Do

We’re driven by quality and customer satisfaction. We love doing a good job, and we want you to be happy with the results once we’re through. Our team creates amazing garage door solutions tailored to each individual customer. We build the box for you instead of trying to fit you into one. Whether you call us to fix a squeaky door or want a free estimate on the latest commercial garage door options, you can rely on us for honest recommendations, terrific pricing, and detailed service. Here’s a look at some of our core services.

Let us help you extend the lifespan of your garage door or get you out of a jam quickly. We offer everything from fast-response emergency garage door repairs to scheduled maintenance designed to keep your door working for longer. Our technicians can diagnose and solve any garage door problem you’re dealing with in short order. We’ll get you back on the road and feeling safe when you go to sleep at night. Whether you need rebalancing or a new garage door opener, the team at Kings Garage Doors is your best option in Chalfont!

A commercial garage door is an important part of any business. They help companies work faster and stay safer. As a local business in Chalfont, we know how vital a working commercial door is to get things done. Most companies in the area rely on garage doors to serve as employee entrances, facilitate shipping, and more. We go above and beyond to keep your garage door moving the way it’s supposed to, and our team will accommodate your schedule to avoid unnecessary disruptions to your normal business operations. Talk to us today and let one of our expert garage door technicians come take a look.

Residential Garage Door Installation

It’s tough to beat the look of a brand new garage door. Modern doors come loaded with amazing features. They’re more durable, versatile, and stronger than older generations. At Kings Garage Doors, we offer the latest models to help homeowners choose the perfect new door for their homes. Whether you’re building a new house or upgrading an old garage door, we’ll build a custom installation plan that fits your budget and performance needs. Our team will be there from start to finish to handle everything with the service and quality you expect from the local garage door leaders.

Commercial Door Installation

Find out how we can build and design the perfect commercial garage door for your business! We work with the latest commercial offerings to bring you terrific prices on premium new garage doors. Our team works with everything from roll-up doors to the newest high-speed doors. Every day, we partner with businesses in Chalfont to make sure things run smoothly and stay safe with a dependable door. Chat with us about what you need in a garage, and we’ll design a custom plan for your company.

If you’re running into trouble with your garage door opener, give us a call to get help fast. Opener problems can be complex, so they typically require professional support. We work with all types of openers and can get to the root cause of any performance issues rapidly. Most of the time, we can fix what’s wrong on the same day that you call.

At some point, most homeowners will need to replace their garage door springs. Modern garage door springs are strong and built to last. Eventually, though, they’ll break or coils loosen. When that happens, we can be there fast to switch new springs in to restore your garage and get things working like new again. We carry a large selection of springs to fit any garage door.



I’m very happy with the customer service I got from Kings. They were attentive and professional the whole time they were at my house.

Jeff Myers

Johnny showed up for our appointment about ten mins early. Took care of my spring repair and went his way. I wasn’t even late for work. Great local service.

Franky Chew

Highly recommended! My wife and I hired this installation on our house last month. It looks and works great above and beyond my expectation. We want to use their service... read more

Phillip Adams

I feel lucky I randomly called Kings when I needed service. They offer the best garage door repair I’ve had since buying my house.

Anjako Wimhte

I am a happy Kings customer! They helped me pick the perfect door for my garage door installation. Thank you for being a trustworthy company.

Victora L
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