Unfortunately, we meet many of our clients in the middle of an emergency. They call us as they are stuck inside their garage or worried that their door won’t close and their property is exposed. It can be extremely frustrating and stressful, especially when you need to get to work or school. Ultimately, they choose Kings Garage Doors because we can get to them the fastest with the right repairs to get the job done. 

When we send a team to your property, one of our garage door technicians will inspect your door to see what’s wrong. Many times, surface-level issues are caused by underlying problems that take a trained and experienced eye to spot. Rooting them out is important because it can prevent future problems from happening and save you thousands of dollars. Once they have a handle on the problem, they’ll get started on a fix immediately to get your garage door back in great condition. Then, they’ll work with you on a common-sense maintenance plan that’s in the best long-term interest of your property. That way you’ll have peace of mind knowing another emergency isn’t lurking around the corner. 

Your garage uses strong springs to balance the weight of the heavy door. These springs are very strong and built to last for years. Eventually, though, they lose tension and need to be replaced. Ideally, you’ll get them replaced before they break and your garage doesn’t open at all. As a property owner, you can check occasionally for loose spring coils and heavy rust. These are signs you should get the springs replaced. Kings Garage Doors technicians carry a wide array of garage door springs to fit any size or type of garage door. We can get to you quickly with the replacement you need to get your garage back in top condition.

Garage Door Cable Replacement

Similar to springs, garage door cables run through your garage door mechanical system to push and pull your garage door as it moves. Though the cables are strong, constant use wears them down. They can fray or even snap, which requires replacement. We have the right cables and years of experience replacing them to make your repairs happen quickly and effectively.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

If a ball is kicked into your garage door or you accidentally run into it with your car, it could damage a panel. Depending on the damage, it could expose your garage to the outdoors, which limits the effectiveness of the entire garage door. We carry a large stock of panels that can be custom designed to fit your existing garage. It helps avoid having to replace the entire garage door.

Remote and Keypad Reprogramming

From time to time, you’re going to need to reprogram your garage system. Whether you’re new in the property or have new tenants moving in, we can help with access control and make sure your remotes are working the way you want them to. The same goes for if you lose remotes and need new remotes programmed. Our technicians have worked with all types of garage doors, so they can get you back online fast. 

Your garage door opener is usually located in the center of your garage ceiling and triggers the opening and closing of your garage door. It’s always a good idea to get professional help if something goes wrong with your opener because they often involve complex electrical and mechanical parts. We constantly train on opener replacement to keep up with new makes and models, and we’re confident we can diagnose and repair your opener to get things working again.


About Us

Kings Garage Doors is committed to being the best garage door service provider in the greater Chester Springs, PA area. We’re a locally owned and operated company with years of experience working with all types of garage doors. Our team is full of experienced door technicians who can find solutions to any of your garage door problems, large or small. If you need anything, from small spot repairs to large emergency services, we can handle it. We’re passionate about delivering results that get you more years and better performance out of your garage. We sweat the small stuff because it means you’re going to save money and have a better working garage door. On every project, we offer custom solutions at great prices that deliver the best results. That’s why so many property owners in Chester Springs turn to us for all of their garage door needs. Join other homeowners in the community and find out how we can help you get the best for your property. 

Call Kings Garage Doors today to schedule an appointment with an expert technician or to learn more about any of our services. We’re standing by to answer questions and get you on your way to a dream garage door.

Full-Service Garage Door Contractor

We offer a full range of garage door maintenance and repair services to keep your garage in great shape. With Kings Garage Doors, you get an all in one solution that can manage all aspects of your repairs. That’s a huge benefit for many property owners because there’s no juggling contractor schedules and managing different invoices. It can quickly become a full-time job that costs you a lot of money.

Get the best garage door services in one place with Kings. We work hard to keep our team on top of all of the latest technology and repair techniques. As a result, you get high-quality work at great prices with unmatched customer service. We deal with all types of garage door repairs, but here is a basic overview of some of our core services.

Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

One of the keys to effective garage door repair is spotting issues early to avoid a total breakdown or costly repairs. You can do small, simple things to catch problems early and make repairs easy. Here are some things to look for that indicate you need garage door maintenance. 

  • Strange Noises – If you’ve been in your property for some time, you’re likely accustomed to how your garage door sounds. Every garage door makes noises, but keep your ear attuned for anything out of the ordinary. Strange squeaks or banging could indicate there’s a problem in your mechanical system or with your springs. 
  • Halting Movement – Your garage door should open and close relatively smoothly. If there is some hiccuping or halting movement going on when you press your remote, then you should call for a technician. 
  • Misalignment – When your garage door is installed, it’s fitted to your floor and walls. There shouldn’t be any visible gaps. Sometimes, though, they develop over time. If you notice gaps, your door is probably misaligned and needs servicing. 
  • Remote Lag – Remotes should respond quickly. There shouldn’t be any meaningful lag between when you press the button and the garage starts moving. If there is, it could be an issue with the opener or remote. Our techs can take a look and get it sorted out. 

As a general rule, anytime something is out of the ordinary, all for a professional opinion. You’re better safe than sorry, and an early call and a small repair could avoid emergency garage door repairs around the corner.

Same Day Service Standard

Kings Garage Doors is committed to giving property owners in Chester Springs the best garage door service and repair in the area. That means keeping our response times low and delivering quality results on every project. As a local company, we know our success hinges on our ability to get you the help you need quickly. We’re proud to offer same day service to all of our clients. There may be exceptions depending on what time you call, but typically we can dispatch a team to you the day you call to get repairs started immediately. That’s the Kings Garage Doors difference.

Excellent Customer Service

When you hire a contractor to work on your home, you want personal service and excellent work quality. We’ve filled our team with passionate people who care about the communities we serve. We know how important your homes are to you, and we take the responsibility of caring for your garage seriously. We want to partner with you long-term to keep your garage door working better for longer. All of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We won’t call a job complete until you’re completely happy. 

Call us today to find out why so many property owners in Chester Springs, PA turn to us for all of their garage door maintenance and repairs. We’ll help you schedule an appointment with a technician to get you the assistance you need today. Your dream garage door is a phone call away!


They handle all aspects of my recent garage door installation. Everything looks and works perfectly

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I’m very happy with the customer service I got from Kings. They were attentive and professional the whole time they were at my house.

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Amir was fantastic! He showed up early on a Monday morning to switch out my springs. The door works like new again. I have them on speed dial now.

Devon Eckl

Kings helped with our wooden garage door installation recently. They had a good variety of options, and Amir was very patient with us as we worked through our choices. It... read more

Jesse Bos

What initially appeared to be an emergency turned out to be a mere broken spring. They arrived promptly and fixed everything within 20 minutes. Truly an outstanding garage door repair... read more

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