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If you’re experiencing problems with your garage door’s movement, then the issue could be with your garage door opener. The opener is what drives the mechanical components that open and close your garage door. It is what responds when you push the controller or remote for your door. We always recommend getting professional service for any repair involving your garage door opener because the parts can be complex. We work with all types of garage door openers to make sure your door is working the way it’s supposed to. Count on the years of experience Kings Garage Door has to get your opener in top condition. 

Most garage doors use a system of strong springs to balance the weight of the heavy door and facilitate movement. These garage door springs are very durable, usually lasting around ten years. However, when they stop working, they can completely disable your garage door. We’ve gotten plenty of calls from clients who are in their cars only to discover their garage door won’t open. To avoid an emergency spring break, property owners can inspect their garage door springs on occasion to spot signs of wear and tear that indicate a replacement is necessary. Every once in a while, check your springs for loose spring coils or excessive rust. If you spot either, give Kings Garage Door a call for help. We carry a huge supply of all springs types and sizes to make replacement easy and fast. 

Residential Garage Door Installation

Are you a new homeowner or someone who has lived in the same home for years? Are you thinking about upgrading from an older garage door and want to know what your options are? Or, you may be building a new home and want information on different prices and benefits of different garage door types. We handle a wide variety of residential garage door installations to make sure each of our clients gets the best service and product quality available. Kings Garage Door also has the resources to allocate teams to get your installation done on your timeline. We’ll get to you fast and create a custom installation solution that fits your budget and schedule. You’ll love the way your new garage door looks and performs after we’re through!

Commercial Garage Doors

If you’re a business in Garnet Valley, you can count on Kings Garage Door to help keep your garage door running. As a local company, we understand how vital a working garage door is to business. Often, commercial garages are the lifeblood of commerce. They protect inventory, facilitate shipments and employee movement, and speed up operations. Whether you’re dealing with a roll-up garage door or a high-speed door, we have the tools and resources to keep you online and working. We can also adjust to your schedule to minimize any disruptions to your normal pace of business. That means you can keep focusing on your operations without worrying about the condition of your garage door. Get peace of mind with the experts at Kings Garage Door.

Emergency Service

We’re the preferred emergency garage door provider in Garnet Valley. That’s because we offer prompt, same-day service when you call for assistance. We meet many of our clients for the first time when they call us during an emergency. They’re in their car ready to go to work or at the office preparing to receive a shipment when suddenly their garage door stops working. We’re the first to arrive and respond with expert care to get their garage back online. 

When our team arrives at your property, they’ll perform a quick inspection to diagnose what’s going on with your garage door. Then, they’ll get to work immediately to set things right. Sometimes, the issue that’s one the surface is caused by underlying issues that also need to be resolved. That’s why getting experienced help from a quality contractor is so vital. At Kings Garage Door, we have the long-term interest of your property in mind on every project we take on. We’ll get your emergency taken care of and work with you on a plan to avoid the issue from happening again. That way you can have peace of mind knowing your garage door is in good hands. 

We also offer maintenance plans that offer regular checks on your garage door performance. Taking time for small repairs and maintenance can avoid larger, more expensive repairs down the road. Stay on top of your garage door servicing with the help of our team.

Call Kings Garage Door for the best quality and pricing on all garage door service and installation. We’ll help you schedule an appointment and get started immediately. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you have and get the process going. We know you’ll love the way your garage door looks and works after we’re done!

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About Us

Kings Garage Door offers residential and commercial property owners in Garnet Valley, PA the highest quality and best prices on all garage door maintenance, repair, and installation services. We’re a local company that cares deeply about getting you the best results for your home or business. As a homeowner or business, you want a garage door that works and stands the test of time. Our team of experienced garage door technicians stands ready to help you with any repair, large or small. We also carry a large supply of different garage door models and designs to make your property look great and work the way you need it to. Get the best for your garage from Kings Garage Door. We provide comprehensive services to cover all of your needs. You’ll love what we can do for your property with our same-day services that get to you fast and deliver the repairs or installation you expect. Our customer service and work quality are unmatched, and we maintain a strong commitment to property owners around Garnet Valley. We won’t call any project complete until you’re fully satisfied. Every year, we help thousands of property owners add more years to their garage doors and make them work better than ever. 

Reach out to Kings Garage Door today to schedule an appointment with one of our amazing technicians or to ask questions about our services. We’re excited to help you get the most out of your garage!

Comprehensive Garage Door Services

We started Kings Garage Door because we saw the need for a comprehensive full-service garage door contractor in the area. When you need work done on your property, you want to be able to find a solution with one phone call. Dealing with multiple contractors on the same project can be complicated and quickly can become a full-time job. When you’re managing multiple schedules, deliveries, and invoices, mistakes can happen and timelines get extended. Dealing with a full-service contractor keeps things simple and effective. We’re proud to offer property owners in Garnet Valley, PA a full suite of garage door services and end to end coverage. Whatever issue you’re facing, from a spring replacement to a new installation, we’re confident we can handle it with the quality and speed you deserve. 

Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

When your garage door stops working, you need help. We hear from clients all the time who are dealing with stuck doors or snapped springs. We do our best to get to you the same day you call to get you back online fast. There are also things you can do as a property owner to spot signs of trouble early to avoid an emergency. Here are some things you can look for:

  • Strange Noises – Garage doors make noise, but when you start noticing a strange squeaking or banging noise when your door opens or closes, then it could be indicating you need service or repair. You’ve likely heard your garage door open hundreds of times, so when things seem off, take caution and make a phone call. 
  • Misalignment – When your garage door closes, it should be flush with your floor and walls. When there are gaps, your garage door needs to be realigned. Getting misalignment issues resolved quickly will help prevent larger issues from popping up down the road. 
  • Halting Movements – Is your garage door hiccupping when you open or close it? Garage door movement should be smooth, so you could be having an issue with your opener if it opens in fits and starts. 
  • Poor Remote Response – Is there a time lag between when you push the remote and your garage door responds? We can resolve any lag issues you have with a reprogramming or opener repair. 

You spend a lot of money to keep your property in great condition. Garage doors represent a significant investment as well. Get the most for your investment by calling Kings Garage Door anytime something seems off or stops working. We’ll keep your garage door in top condition and help you avoid expensive repairs.


My husband and I had the pleasure of utilizing Kings Garage doors for their help. Amir, the owner, was courteous, professional and very helpful to replace my husband’ garage door opener unit. My husband had called him one day concerning a broken unit and despite Amir’s busy schedule came over the very next day to help. He replaced the garage door unit and did it with such impeccable service. He was quick and his price was very reasonable. My husband was impressed with his diligence. We recommend his service if you need help with your garage door opener unit. Thank you Amir!

Great experience with Kings!! #1: Friendly and professional over the phone. #2, came the next morning, #3 He showed up on time with a smile on his face. #4 His price to repair my issue was substantially less then other’s. #5 He worked fast and worked neatly. #5 He offered to help me put my stuff back in my garage. What?? Awesome!

Two thumbs up. Fast response. Competent, knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend them, without reservation.

My garage door was broken. I called Kings Garage Doors and a tech guy was with me the same day. The service was fairly priced and had everything stocked in advance to proceed with the garage door repair on the spot. One hour later, everything was working again. Highly recommended!

I had a problem with my springs. One broke and being a DIY I tried to do it on my own and realized that it calls for a specialist. I reached out on Angies List and received a call from them almost immediately. I explained the problem and they gave me a ball park estimate to repair both springs. I agreed and they were out here the next day. My technician, Jonathan, was very friendly and explained to me what he was going to do. He had the job done in about an hour he and didn’t mind while I watched him work.
I recommend this company to anyone that has any issues with garage doors.

Kings garage doors was timely, knowledgeable, professional and affordable. We would highly recommend them to our friends. Our service man Amir was awesome!

Absolutely Great!! Couldn’t have contacted a better company! Not only did they do a great and I mean Great job, all the guys were knowledgeable, respectful and overall just a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Kings Garage Doors to anyone in search garage door work.

I had two garage doors that needed to be replaced 8×8 and a 16×8. From the day I called until the the day they completed the job was only 2 days. I just couldn’t believe how quick and responsive they where to my situation. E.T. Tony & Amir are great guys and they know what they’re talking about not to mention they were very sweet to. my 5 year old daughter:)

Great Company Great Service! Highly recommended!

My garage door was broken and they came out right away and installed a new one. The old one was over 40 years old so it was time. The gentlemen were very polite and did a great job installing the new opener. I am totally satisfied with the job. Well done!

If you’re looking for exceptional garage door installation service, I highly recommend Amir and the other Kings Garage Doors technicians. They are so friendly, did fantastic work installing my two new garage doors (with openers), and were by far the most affordable. I don’t need any repair service just yet, but will definitely call them when I do. Thanks you guys !

Garage door spring snapped (yikes), rendering the door inoperable with my car inside, so I found these guys on Yelp and called at 6 PM. I got a return call within the hour (happily surprised)! Amir was very friendly and, although I didn’t need him to, he would have come right out. He arrived the next day, right on time, gave me a reasonable quote and a lot of really good information on garage doors. He went out of his way to get the new door installed, same day. Installation was pretty quick and well done.  The opener is super quiet and I love the automatic light that comes on when I go out to the garage. Nice feature. So glad I used these guys.

Garage door opener stopped working after a thunderstorm. Amir came 90 minutes after my call and installed a new opener. Very professional and friendly service. Highly recommended.

Their technician was able to fix in few minutes an issue with our tracks that another company tried for hours and couldn’t fix.

Our family works with Kings Garage Doors for many years, they’re always on time and provides great service

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