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When you need professional garage door repair or maintenance in Newton Square, PA, you can count on Kings Garage Doors for the best quality and pricing in the area. We’re a local full-service garage door contractor with years of experience with every type of garage door and property. Property owners know they can trust us to get more years and better performance out of their garages. Our seasoned technicians can handle everything from minor repairs and annual maintenance to emergency garage door repair. We’ll get to you promptly with the right solution that gets your garage door in great shape at a great value. Each of our technicians has the skills and training to design custom fixes for any problem. It’s our mission to deliver the best service and results for your property. We’re confident you’ll love the way your garage door looks and works after we’re through!

Call Kings Garage Doors today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians. Our entire team is ready to make your garage door better than it’s ever been!

Quality Service and Results for Your Garage Door

As a property owner, you invest a great deal of time and money into your home or business. At Kings Garage Doors, we know how important your home is to you, and we’re dedicated to helping you keep it looking great without breaking the bank. We’re proud to offer a full suite of garage door services to owners in Newton Square. That means we’re the only phone call you need to make when something goes wrong or you’re interested in an upgrade. That’s better than the alternative, where you’re essentially working another full-time job managing multiple contractor schedules and invoices. We’ll manage your project from end to end whether it’s a simple repair job or a complex emergency repair. Here is a basic overview of some of our core services. 

Emergency Garage Door Repair

When something bad happens to your garage door, it can be very stressful. Whether you’re not able to open the garage door to get to work or school or your garage door is stuck in the open position, you can’t just go on as normal. It needs to be fixed, and repairs ideally need to happen now. At Kings Garage Doors, we meet a lot of new clients by responding faster and more effectively when they call us with an emergency. As a local business, we know how important prompt service is. We’ve built our business to prioritize emergency calls, often getting to you the same day to get your garage door back online. 

When our technician arrives at your property, they’ll inspect your garage door to find out what the issue is. Sometimes, the emergency is caused by underlying issues that have been festering for months. We’ll do what it takes to resolve any problems to avoid future emergencies from happening as well. We can work with you on a longer-term maintenance plan to stop emergencies down the road to give you peace of mind with regards to your garage door. 

Garage Door Opener Repair

The garage door opener is a small electronic and mechanical device that usually sits near the ceiling of your garage in the middle of the garage door. The opener triggers the opening and closing of your garage door. We always tell clients to get professional help with your garage door opener because they can be complex and involve a lot of small mechanical parts. We’ve worked with a wide range of openers, and we’re confident we can make the right repair to keep your opener performing at a high level. 

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Most residential garage doors operate on a system of springs that work to balance the weight of the heavy garage door. Garage door springs are very strong and durable, but after years of use, they eventually wear down and need to be replaced. As a property owner, it’s a good idea to inspect your springs from time to time to look for any loose spring coils or heavy rust. That will help spot the need for a replacement early on before a spring snaps and renders your garage completely immovable. Each of our technicians carries a large supply of garage door springs to make replacements fast and painless. We can get your garage working like new in no time. 

Garage Door Cable Replacement

Cables run through your garage door mechanical system to push and pull the garage door as it moves. These cables also wear down over the years and need to be replaced. You can look for frayed or worn cables to avoid a snapped cable. Cable replacement isn’t very complex, but it requires the right training and correct cable size to make things work again. 

Garage Door Panel Replacement

It’s relatively common for a garage door panel to be damaged or fall out at some point. Whether you accidentally hit a panel with your car or a ball is kicked into one, the last thing you want is to have to pay for an entirely new garage door because of a problem with a single panel. We carry a wide range of panel shapes and sizes to custom fit a replacement for your garage door. 

Remote and Keypad Programming

Our technicians have worked with every type of garage door to program them for owners. We can help you with your keypad and remote to make sure the right people have access to your property and it’s easy for you to use. Get the most out of your garage door features with the help of Kings Garage Doors in Newton Square. 

Garage Door Maintenance

In addition to offering the best in garage door repairs, we also design custom maintenance planks for property owners to avoid emergency repairs. Taking small actions once or twice a year can extend the lifespan of your garage and give you peace of mind knowing your garage door is in great condition. We can work with you to find the right plan for your garage to fit any schedule or budget. We aim to partner with you long-term to get the most out of your garage door and save you money. Our technicians know how to make your garage door the best it can be. 

Spotting the Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

There are things you can do to spot early warning signs that you need garage door repair. Small steps you take regularly can save you thousands of dollars and the headache of a disabled garage door. Here’s what to look for:

  • Strange Noises – If your garage door suddenly starts making squeaking or creaking noises when it’s moving, it’s a good idea to call for service. You could be dealing with broken components. 
  • Misalignment – When your garage door is installed, it should fit snugly into your garage door opening. If you notice that there is a gap between the garage door and the walls or the floor, then you need help realigning the door. 
  • Halting Movements – When your garage door opens and closes, the movement should be smooth. Sometimes garage doors start to hiccup as they move, which indicates a mechanical issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. 
  • Lagging Remote Response – Ideally, when you click your remote, the garage door response should be instantaneous. If there is a lag time between when you click the remote and your garage door moves, you could need a repair. 

In addition to the problems listed above, any time there is a problem or something out of the ordinary with your garage door, call Kings Garage Doors. Getting early maintenance done on your garage will save you thousands of dollars by avoiding a larger problem down the road. 

Our Commitment to Same Day Service

We’re proud to offer our clients same-day service on garage door maintenance and repair. When you need assistance, the last thing you want to hear is that someone will get to you in days or even weeks. As a local company, we know our success hinges on our ability to get to you with the right solution and price. To us, you’re more than just a number and that drives everything we do as a company. You’ll get incredible service that delivers results when you call Kings Garage Doors. 

We’re also proud to offer the best in customer service when it comes to garage door repairs. Our entire team is full of passionate people who care about getting the best for our clients. Each of our projects is backed by our satisfaction guarantee, and we won’t call a job complete unless you’re fully happy with the results. 

Call our team today to schedule an appointment for the best garage door service and repair in Newton Square, PA. We’ll get the process started immediately to get your garage more years and better performance. Your dream garage door is just around the corner.

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