Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Problems

Discovering that your garage door does not work, particularly on a cold Pennsylvania day is something that no one looks forward to experiencing. This is why it is very important to get the proper garage door services to quickly repair the issue.

Part of the process itself is identifying why your garage door is not operating the way it should be. Here are the five top reasons why your garage door will not work. You will need to have your garage door repaired or replaced if you experience any of the five conditions listed.

A Track is Not Properly Aligned

This is arguably the most common problem with all garage doors that refuse to operate properly. If the door moves, but not all the way up or down, identify the location where it is getting stuck. You can realign the track yourself by loosening the screws where it is misaligned and use a rubber mallet to tap the track back into place. However, if that does not work or your door will not move at all, then you will need the proper garage door services to fix the problem.

Broken Spring(s)

If your garage door will not go up and the garage door opener is working, then the torsion spring is probably broken. When a spring breaks, it will sound like a loud bang. For this issue, you will need the services of a proper garage door repair company as working with springs that carry so much tension can be dangerous.

Door Automatically Opens After Closing

If you shut your garage door and it immediately goes back up, it usually means that the door limit settings need to be reset. The settings allow for the garage door to be opened and closed properly but sometimes they need to be reset. If this happens, you should find the knobs that control the settings which are usually located on the garage door opener. You may have to play around with it until finding the right setting, but it is fairly easy and safe to do.

Something Blocking the Path of the Door

This is another common problem that may be difficult to see at first. What happens is that the garage door will stop and reverse direction at the same point whether opening or closing. When this happens, the usual culprit is an item that is blocking the path of the door itself. It could be an object on the ground that the door strikes when closing or something caught on the track. Either way, you should look for and remove the object to fix the issue.

Transmitter Batteries have Died

This is perhaps the most common of all garage door issues that use openers (motors). If your garage door will not open or close after pressing the appropriate button on your remote, try using the transmitter that is inside the garage to see if that works. If this works, then you will need a battery replacement for your remote.

For garage door issues that are difficult or unsafe for you to fix, it is best to get a professional garage door repair company.

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